Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Here We Go is still using the same layout it did when we first opened three years ago. I changed once, only to come running back to this one. Three years into this site, I think it's time we tried something different.

I have already announced that I have purchased it's own server (we've been using several other servers free of charge over the last three years). Now I can announce that I am paying someone to re-design the site.

The site will soon be fully-forum based. The site will still feature standings and stats on the main page, but the headlines will all be done through the forums. This will simplify everything for you and me. No longer will you have to scramble around the site for the latest rumours. Instead, all of that information will be there for you to read and comment on, right on the main page. This means the blog may also be changing, so stay tuned. I've spent the last month investigating and research ways to make a better site, and I think you will all be happy with the changes that are coming.

Another great improvement will be that we will be able to have more staff updating the site. Currently, I am the only one who can edit If I am not around, the site doesnt get updated. Thanks to the new design, I will be able to appoint a few others who will be able to post news as soon as it happens. This will be one of the best new things about the new

Also, the forums will be the same, so none of your accounts should be affected. So if you go to, and the site is down, this does not mean we are gone, it means we are in the middle of improving greatly. The blog and forums will continue as normal, though the site will see seldom updates until this is complete. This shall be complete within the next 30 days, maybe even sooner.

If you have any feedback on this, please email me or reply to this topic located in the forums. I would love your suggestions and what you would like to see on the next version of