Monday, July 17, 2006

Back Home

After a weekend away, I am back!

Lindros is not signed by Dallas, but should be today. The Stars wanted to get clarification from the league as to exactly how bonus' work. That deal should be finalized today.

Looks like the Carter sweepstakes are down to Toronto and LA, with Toronto having a slight advantage. Detroit is still in this as well.

The Mika Peca game is getting confusing and has gone on a lot longer than anyone expected, even Mike. It'll finally end this week, but it's anyone's guess where he ends up.

Finally for this morning, with Arbitration this week, it'll be interesting to see if any of the big names get dealt (Max for Buffalo, Simon from Philly are the biggest). Will any recieve an offer sheet? If I was a GM, I would, especially if I was a team looking to win the cup. Is Gagne worth a few first round draft picks, especially if you can lock him up long term? I say yes