Saturday, July 29, 2006

Vitaly Vishnevski

He gets a $400,000 raise and now the Ducks want to deal him? This surprises me, but with Pronger now in Anaheim, his role will not be as large, so the Ducks feel they can deal him and save a bit of money. Edmonton would love to make another deal with Anaheim to pick him up, but there are several other teams who are interested including Chicago, Atlanta, Buffalo, Vancouver, Nashville, Columbus and Washington. Ottawa is in there as well.

Sebastian Caron has signed in Chicago, where he is likely to either start in the AHL or back-up Khabibulin. Brian Boucher could land in Buffalo once Biron gets dealt.

The Sykora to Edmonton rumours are 100% false according to a very good source. Anson Carter and the Leafs are still very much talking, one report has him going as low as 1.5 million per season for a one or two year deal, just so he can play for his home town. If thats the case, the Leafs need to make this deal, even though it will put them JUST under the 44 million dollar cap.

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