Friday, July 14, 2006

Montreal/LA deep in talks?

Montreal is not finished yet, or at least that is how it seems. David Aebischer and Sheldon Souray are both being shopped, and according to one report, they may be packaged together and on their way to LA. No word on who could be coming the other way just yet, but I will keep my ear open and hope to get more information on this before I leave for the weekend (I'm leaving tomorrow, will return Sunday, but the site will still be updated so do not worry!).

Leafs and Carter are closing in on a deal, though LA and Detroit are both still in the mix as well. Leafs current offer I'm hearing is a two year deal worth 2.5 a season. Detroit is offering a two year deal worth 3 per season I'm being told. Don't count out the Flyers at this point either...

Mike Peca and the Leafs are in talks, and while I can not confirm if the Leafs have or have not made an offer to Peca, I am hearing the Rangers have offered him a one year deal worth 2.5 million. The Islanders are said to be sniffing around as well, as are Calgary, Atlanta and Columbus.

Eric Lindros has been cleared to play, so now the question is where will he end up? He was in Edmonton today and apparently is now seeking 2 million on a one year deal. The Leafs will not go higher than 1 million, while Edmonton may be willing to accept the 2 mil demand. Calgary also has some interest, Atlanta and Phoenix as well.

Greg Johnson and Ottawa are very deep in talks, I'm hearing that could be done by Monday.

Detroit is really holding out on Belfour, as they are really trying to pry Giguere out of Anaheim. Lang isn't getting this done.

Manny Legace is still out there, and St. Louis is the front-runner. Florida is there as well, while a report on suggests an un-named team will take Legace if they can deal their current number one goalie. I made a few phone calls, and I actually got three teams back, not just the one. From good sources : Buffalo would be interested in Legace if they can deal Biron, Philly would like Legace if they could deal Esche, and Anaheim would take Legace if they can deal Giguere. At this point I see Legace in St. Louis, though Pittsburgh is one other team to watch.

The Gary Roberts to Toronto trade rumours are dead, as most of you already know, however one source told me that the Leafs would be interested in bringing in Roberts at the trade deadline if they feel Roberts could improve them at that point, and Florida was willing to take a little cap back.

Devils are no closer to fixing their cap problem, while they are interested in bringing Ken Klee back. Washington is another team who has given Mr. Klee a phone call.