Monday, July 31, 2006


As you all should know by now, Hasek has signed a one year deal with the Detroit Red Wings.

Carter is apparently down to Toronto and Vancouver, with Toronto his preferred destination. The Leafs are trying to move Antropov i hopes of freeing his money up.

Despite reports saying the opposite, I am still hearing Vitaly Vishnevski will be dealt by the Ducks.

Mike Dunham is closing on a deal that will make him the back up goaltender for the cash-strapped Devils.

Yanic Perrault is still available...I'm hearing Washington, Atlanta, and Phoenix have shown some interest.

Biron to St. Louis rumours are really heating up, while Legace is in talks with the Islanders. I would do this in a second, would really push DiPietro.

Anyone get any extra Dave Chappelle Tickets for Toronto? I missed the boat...

and the site will be updated soon, it's currently not letting me update it, I will look into it...