Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Belfour To Florida (H5)

H scale, isn't that the tornado scale? Lets have some fun and use it.

Belfour to Florida is done. $750,000 base salary, can reach over 1.5 million if he performs.

Martin Rucinsky is still looking like he'll end up in NYR (H3)

Petr Sykora to Washington(H2), Colorado(H1), Toronto(H1), or Atlanta(H1)

Bondra to Washington in the next week or so (H4)

I told you Gomez was looking at 5.85 a few days ago, I think a number very close to that will be announced today.

And I'm hearing Briere is likely to stay in Buffalo, but his friend Max Afiniganov isn't likely to be so lucky. I've been asked a lot about Eklunds rumoured three-team deal. Max would be in there, but all three of those teams need defense, so I don't see that deal going down. Biron and Max would be a package that could get a really good defender back in return. Colorado may be listening, I think they've got about 8 defenseman with the signing of Klee yesterday (1 year, $750,000).

And Mark Bell just signed a three year deal with San Jose, avoiding arbitration, which was suppose to go down tomorrow

Feel free to stop by the forums to ask any questions, and never expect to see the H-Scale again :)