Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New Jersey's Plan

Though New Jersey is in what I like to call, "Cap Hell", there may be a way out of it. It will cost them, but rumours this morning are all about the New Jersey Devils.

First, the Devils are pushing hard to deal Mogilny, who still has something left to prove. At 3.5 million dollars, some teams may still be willing to take him, especially if a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick is included in the deal. Washington and Columbus are two teams with enough cap room to take him, while Pittsburgh and Chicago could both be in this mix as well. If Mogilny is dealt, expect the deal to be lopsided against Jersey. Example : Mogilny and a 3rd round pick for a low-grade prospect and a 6th round pick. New Jersey wants to keep Gomex, Gionta and Martin, and this is what has to be done to accomplish this.

A lot of NJ/Edmonton rumours going around, however most going around involve Gomez or Gionta. I'm hearing something different, as Edmonton is interested in acquiring either Rafalski or Martin. Jersey really wants Andrew Cogliano, while Kevin Lowe would rather deal one of his many draft picks. This is something to watch over the next little while.

The Leafs apparently have a deal on the table to acquire a first line winger to play with Sundin, and quite a good one. That being said, the Leafs apparently are waiting to pull the trigger, as they want to see if any of the RFA's going to arbitration are let go of, or can be had at a cheaper price. The Leafs are not done.

Chris Simon signed a one year deal with the New York Islanders today.

Ed Belfour should sign with Detroit in the next 24 hours, though despite what other blog sites are saying, this deal is not done.

Brian Leetch is deep in talks with the Rangers, as is Martin Rucinsky. I'd put Leetch at 75% a Ranger, while Rucinsky is 90%.

I am hearing Ottawa has no plans to get another big name free agent, and will likely use a prospect to fill Havlat's void. I bet they wish they still had Bochenski...