Sunday, April 22, 2007

McLennan Suspended / Playoff Picks Review

First off if your not watching the Tampa Bay / New Jersey game turn that on, it's been a great game. New Jersey can finish Tampa off with a win today, NJ currently leads 3-2.

Jamie McLennan has been suspended for his brutal slash against the Detroit Red Wings. McLennan played a total of 18 seconds and I feel five games wasn't enough. Watch the video of him slashing yourself in the videos section. Make sure to reply to it and let me know what you think of it, too harsh? too light?

Lets take a look at how my picks are doing...

Buffalo over the Islanders in 5 - Perfectly correct

New Jersey over the Bolts in 6 - that could happen if New Jersey wins today (NJ leads 3-2)

Rangers over Atlanta in 7 - Rangers won much more quickly than I thought, but I picked the winner

Ottawa over Pittsburgh in 7 - It only took the Sens five games, can we blame crosby's broken foot for that?

Detroit over Calgary in 7 - Detroit currently leads series 3-2

Anaheim over Minnesota in 6 - Anaheim did it in 5

Vancouver over Dallas in 7 - the series has gone to seven, but will Vancouver take it? they're at home so I'll say yes.

San Jose over Nashville in 6 - San Jose did it in 5.

So I'm currently 5-0 with two perfects. I can still go 8-0 with 5 perfects. TSN hired a monkey, so I want to put myself out there. Anyone out there need a playoff expert, i'm available for cheap :).

Come join me in the forums, we always have great discussions going on there. I am also once again looking for someone to help out with web design. Our last designer has disapeared so we're conce again looking for someone to help us improve I'm not looking for something amazing, just something thats an improvement over our current design. Also not looking for it to be done quickly, maybe done by mid-June? If your interested please email me at I'd appreciate it, thanks.

Enjoy the hockey today, there are going to be two great games completed by the end of the day.