Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Maggie The Monkey Slips Up...

Lets quickly go over the prediction standings from around the sporting world, shall we?

Corey Johnson 8-0
Darren Dregger 8-0
Bob McKenzie 7-1
Jeremy Roenick 6-2
Maggie The Monkey 4-4

So currently I'm tied with Darren Dregger and a perfect 8-0, but I am going to guess Dregger didn't get 4 perfectly right like I did...maybe he got three, but four is just beyond his reach. So it's time to take a look at the second round as I make my push for 12-0.

(1) Buffalo vs. (6) NYR
- This series is going to be great (as they all will be), and its really hard to choose a clear cut winner. Buffalo has been on top of the east all season long, while the Rangers just swept Atlanta and may be playing there best hockey. That being said, Buffalo's offense is too complete to argue with, the Rangers defense scares me. Sabres in 6.

(2) New Jersey vs. (4) Ottawa
- Of all the series, this was the hardest for me to pick a winner. I never like betting against Brodeur because he's such an amazing athlete. New Jersey can slow their game down to a point where their opponents are ready to just give up, but Ottawa has an offense that may be able to break through Jersey's trap. Ottawa in 7, but this one is almost too close to call.

(1) Detroit vs. (5) San Jose
- Hasek's gone so long without a groin injury, is it just a matter of time? Saying Detroit will be Calgary is one thing, but in my opinion San Jose is the team to beat in this playoffs. They are the complete package from goal to offense, and they are, at this point, my pick to win the cup. They'll knock off Detroit in 6 games.

(2) Anaheim vs. (3) Vancouver
- Vancouver has the best goalie in the Playoffs, but Anaheim has two goaltenders that are pretty good themselves. Anaheim has the best defense in the playoffs, so position wise these teams are 1-1...so it comes down to offense...due to the fact that Vancouver has none, I'm taking the Ducks in 5...sorry Nucks fans...

In other news, Scott Mellanby has retired. His last NHL memory will be getting swept by the New York Rangers. I'll always remember Mellanby as a Florida Panther, he should have stayed there...his golf game would be much better. This means Atlanta needs a new captain. I vote Tkachuk...oh wait he's leaving. Waddell's job could be in trouble, I mean when you trade a large chunk of your future for a guy who doesn't prevent you from getting swept in the first round, you don't look so good. I don't like the Coburn for Zhitnik trade either...look how good Coburn is doing on a bad team like Philly? Thats why Holmgren got his extension.

Rental players are amazing arn't they? Atlanta gets Tkachuk...gone in 4. Nashville gets Forsberg...gone in 5. Islanders get Ryan Smyth and Richard Zednik...gone in 5. Pittsburgh gets Roberts...gone in 5. Calgary gets Brad Stuart...gone in 6. The only team who would have done well to get a rental would have been Tampa Bay, wow do they need a goalie...

Some rental players are still in the playoffs. Oleg Saprykin, Bill Guerin, Todd Bertuzzi, Brent Sopel, Sean Avery....the first four players on that lit have a combined 5 points, so they really have done nothing. However, Sean Avery has five points in four games, making him the best rental player at the moment...this is a guy every team should want come July 1st...he's got a big mouth, but he's also got big talent.

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Thanks and enjoy this beautiful Tuesday!