Friday, April 27, 2007


I want to send a quick thank you to all of my readers today. A few days ago I posted two emails I had sent to me, one was a very positive email and one wasn't so positive. In the past few days I have recieved about twenty-five emails praising the site and I really appreciate it. I've said it many times that I started this blog as a way for people I personally knew to be kept in the loop, and to see the level it's grown is amazing. The Blog is almost at two million hits, had 10.1 million hits in 2006, and 2007 is looking even better as we're already at almost 6 million hits in just the first four months. You guys are what makes me want to improve this site, and I promise you that as we move on things will always improve.

I said before I am planning a UFA preview to be released before the playoffs end, here are a few players and where I see them going.

Drury - I've always heard he's #1 on Philly's list, but things may have changed. Drury wants to go West apparently, I know Calgary will make a strong pitch for him. There have also been some rumblings that Colorado may have interest in him, but who knows if Drury would go back to the franchise that drafted him.

Scott Gomez - While New Jersey would love to keep him, but he'd love to go to a more offensive minded team. Latest has the Islanders very interested, especially if they lose Ryan Smyth (I'm hearing Calgary and Vancouver will be fighting over him, Toronto will make a pitch as will the Rangers). I'd expect Gomez to stay in the East.

Ruslan Fedetenko - Red Wings REALLY want this guy, and I dont see him staying in Tampa.

JS Giguere - He's leaving the Ducks it appears, unless something changes. Detroit would love to have him if they can find a way to afford him. Babcock will make Holland persue this to the end.

Dom Hasek - Tampa Bay is the latest I'm hearing. He's the best goalie they can get for a half-decent price. If Detroit replaces him, I expect Dom to return to the East.

Niklas Backstrom - Minnesota would love to hang on to this guy, and I expect him to stay and Fernandez to go. If he leaves, Tampa, Florida and Detroit are the three teams to watch.

Curtis Joseph - Would love to return to Toronto. If they don't want him, Phoenix is likely, Edmonton isn't out of the question either.

Sheldon Souray - Likely to leave Montreal. Anaheim, San Jose and LA are the three teams to watch for this one, though sources say Philly may make an offer too good to refuse.

Peter Forsberg - Big question mark here, some rumours say he'll retire from the NHL and play in sweden. Others say he'll play half a year in Sweden and then come back to the NHL in December-January. Three teams to look at : Colorado, Philly, Atlanta. I don't expect Nashville to get him back

Enjoy your weekend, I expect some great hockey games! If you attend any of the playoff games, feel free to email me your story! I will post them on the blog.