Wednesday, April 25, 2007


At Hockeyleaks we get thousands of readers a day, many of which get the blog emailed to them. I also recieve a lot of emails, most of which are very positive thanking me for the work I do on the site. I want to share two emails I got yesterday, one positive and one negative. I will leave the names off both incase they don't want their names published.

"Hey Corey, nice work predicting the series', it's been clear all along that you know your stuff. Thanks for all your hard work all year wrong, I can't wait until free agency starts, when will we start hearing rumours about who's going where come July 1st? Thanks a lot and keep up the hard work"

- Thanks for the email and the kind words. To answer your question, SOON. I've already started work on a preview that will go up before the 2nd round of the playoffs. Now, to email #2.

"Hey buddy give it up. I know afew people that went 8-0 and 4-4. Your not a hero. So stop giving me these stupid emails, GET A JOB.......and then predict 6-6 on lotto 649 then you can email me after that. Nobody cares on your playoff emails, half your rumors were so off this year, my buddies just said stop emailing them to. So buddy get a life. YOUR NO SUPERSTAR GOOF.. "

- first of all, my blog yesterday was more of a joke, as comparing myself to a monkey would usually be a degrading thing to do. I've never claimed to be a superstar or even to know what i'm talking about. I get rumours from many different sources and I pass them on, thats what I do. If you don't like what I have to say, simply don't read the blog, the website, and definitely don't subscibe to my emails (which this reader does). Also, I cannot remove you from my mailing list, you signed up for it, and it's your job to remove yourself. Google Groups is the place to do that, so feel free to do it. For the record, I have a job, and I have a very busy life. Like I said, if you don't like whats on here, then don't read it, it's not hard...

I love recieving emails from you guys, positive or negative, and for free agency season and beyond into next season I will be making a mailbag section a permanent section of Feel free to email me at with questions or comments at any time, I respond to all emails.

Round two begins today, should be some great games. Enjoy the games!