Sunday, April 29, 2007

Best Ice?

Forum member RJD today posted a story where MSG was voted by the league's players and officials as having the best ice...I wonder how many of them are changing their votes after today's game?

What a game this has been, you have to give the Rangers credit, they are playing great today. Give equal credit to Ryan Miller, he's really kept the Sabres in this. If your not watching this game, switch it on right now. 1-1 in the first overtime. It's broadcast on NBC, which means 99% of you are getting todays game.

A few days ago I talked about deadline deals and how Avery was the best so far. I made a mistake, and usually I am corrected by several emails when I make a mistake, but nobody caught this one. Avery was the 2nd best deadline deal, but the best by far is Buffalo's move to get Zubrus. The Sabres are not as dominant offensively without this guy.

In my hockeypool I have with some friends and co-workers I picked five sabres: Connolly, Briere, Drury, Afiniganov and Vanek. I had Campbell over Connolly but I changed it, and I knew I shouldn't have took Maxim, he's once again vanished come playoff time. That being said, Zubrus would have been a great choice on my part. If Buffalo loses Drury and/or Briere, I suggest they make sure to keep Zubrus, he's playing amazing in Buffalo and is a for-sure keeper.

6 points in 7 games coming into today's came, he's been a great pick-up for Buffalo.

Finally, Scott Gomez leads the playoffs in scoring on a offensively challenged New Jersey Devils team. In my opinion, he's the best UFA available come July 1st.

Enjoy this game, Double Overtime's up next.