Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Where They Stand

First to note, the site has been updated today, my life has been VERY busy for the last week, things should return to normal now.

So we are in the final stretch, the Eastern Conference race is ever so tight. Here is where we sit.

Tampa Bay - 92 points - With two games remaining (Florida,Atlanta), Tampa Bay needs one point to clinch. For them to miss the playoffs they would have to go 0-2-0, and all the teams below them would have to pretty much win all there games. Tampa looks as good as gold

NYR - 92 points - Two games remaining (Montreal, Pittsburgh). Toronto would have to go 2-0 while Montreal would have to go 1-1. This is a very possible scenario still. That being said, a Ranger point in either of the final games clinches them a spot.

MTL - 90 points - 2-0 would get them in the playoffs. A win tomorrow night combined with a Toronto loss would also likely cement their playoff spot. It may come down to who wins Saturday in Toronto.

TOR - 89 points - 2-0 would assure them a playoff spot. If they lose tomorrow night they are done if Montreal gets a point in their game against the rangers.

NYI - 86 points - three games to go, anything less than going 3-0 with everyone else loosing pretty much every game and they are done...

this will be a fun ride...