Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Coyotes News + Playoff Predictions

The Coyotes have fired Mike Barnett and Cliff Fletcher. Details to come, check the are my playoff predictions, please leave yours in the forums

Buffalo vs. NYI
- Buffalo should take this one, and quite easily. Rumour has DiPietro coming back for Game Three but thats yet to be seen. Sabres in 5.

New Jersey vs. Tampa Bay
- Tampa won the season series, but you can never bet against Brodeur, especially when Tampa's goaltending is always a giant question mark. New Jersey in 6.

Atlanta vs. NYR
- Atlanta makes their first playoff appearance, while the Rangers have struggled in every playoff series they've been in during the last ten years. It's a toss up, but I'll go with the Rangers in 7.

Ottawa vs. Pittsburgh
- Crosby may have won the scoring title, but I have to give Ottawa the advantage going into this one. Two un-proven goalies will also make this interesting. Ottawa in 7.

Detroit vs. Calgary
- Calgary can never be overlooked, but I just don't see Detroit losing this. It will be closer than most expect. Detroit in 7.

Anaheim vs. Minnesota
- I want the Wild to win, but I see Giggy coming up huge for the Ducks. Pronger was brought in for a reason and we'll see that in these playoffs. Anaheim in 6.

Vancouver vs. Dallas
- The goalies will be the focus of this series. Luongo makes his first playoff appearance, while Turco has struggled in all of his playoff appearances. I want to pick Dallas, but for some reason I'm taking Vancouver in 7.

Nashville vs. San Jose
- This is a hard series to predict, as both teams are very strong. Nashville looked like they would win the West all season long, and they almost did. I see Thornton having a big series, and I see San Jose taking this in 6.