Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hello Hockeyfans!

Not as much coming out this morning as I thought there would be. Chicago and Boston are apparently discussing a deal involving Samsonov and Arnason, among other players. If Chicago isn't going to make the playoffs, why would they have interest in Samsonov if he is going to be a UFA at season's end? For the full potential trade breakdown, check the rumours section.

Yukobov was plucked off waivers yesterday by Florida. I like this move, as I think Yukobov has potential, and will be able to show some of it for the Panthers.

Doug Weight rumours continue to fly, with Calgary joining them. Ottawa is still said to be the front runner.

Toronto has now lost 8 in a row, which means changes should be coming, as early as today. Don't be surprised if the Leafs wait until after Monday's game against Florida, as McCabe is suppose to be back for that one.

The Hockey Auctions page is about to be re-stocked with items over the next day or two. I will have Toronto Maple Leafs Lithographs up, as well as autographed hockey cards, and maybe even a jersey or two. I'll post a link when thats ready. In the meantime, a good friend of mine has an Ebay store that I promised I would promote on here. He's got a lot of sports collectables, including a whole pile from the NHL. Here are two links to his page, the first being all of his items, the second being all of his NHL related items. If you do buy anything, make sure to let him know that sent you. And before any of you say it, no we're not making a profit of selling his things off our site, I'm just trying to get him some business, he's a really great guy so check it out!

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That Roloson/Dupuis deal is apparently still in the works and could break today. It very well could be Edmonton getting them both...stay tuned, I'm sure we'll have more as the day goes on.