Wednesday, February 06, 2008

20 Days - It Starts Today

Ok, two MAJOR things have happened today that should get the ball rolling.

First, Forsberg has told several teams that he will not be playing for them this year. These teams include a few biggies, including Detroit, San Jose and Calgary. These teams now turn their attention to Mats Sundin.

Second, Calgary has signed Phaneuf to a six year extension worth 6.5 per. The Flames are going to be in serious cap trouble next season.

So, what makes sense for the flames? Tanguay has to be moved, as his salary is just too much for them to handle this year. The Flames can afford to bring in 2-3 soon-to-UFAs, and they likely will, but look for the Flames to increase their willingness to deal Tanguay. Ottawa could be a possible destination.

So what about Sundin? I think Detroit is in the lead for him, as they have the prospects and picks to bring him in. Sundin would love to play with Lidstrom and Zetterberg, and Detroit, right now, has the best shot at winning the cup this year. Vancouver right now wants Forsberg, and until they are told he isn't interested, that is where their attention will be. Detroit and Calgary are the two teams with the best shot at Sundin right now, Vancouver is a little behind. I've been told Sundin has no interest in going to San Jose.

LA has called up Cloutier (re-entry waivers) and sent down Aubin. Interesting move, both should easily clear waivers. I am still hearing LA and Ottawa are talking goalie trade. LA is a perfect partner for Ottawa, I really would be shocked if the two didnt complete some sort of deal.

The Leafs have placed Andy Wozneiwski on waivers, harldy the move Toronto fans were hoping for. This will pave the way for McCabe to return tomorrow night. I've been asked why Raycroft still hasn't been waived, and the answer is that Cliff is hopefull he can package him with a Sundin, Antropov, etc. to get him out of the organization and off the payroll completely.

More As It Happens...20 Days Folks, who's excited?