Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Late Night Talk

Sorry about this being so late, I got stuck at my real job very late tonight (1:30 am to be exact). Back to my favourite job...

Kaberle was almost a Flyer this afternoon. I've been told Coburn, a pick and a player from the current roster would be coming in return. Kaberle is refusing to waive his NTC, it will be interesting to see how this situation unfolds. I'm hearing Kubina and McCabe are being shopped more than ever because of this.

Is Lecavalier available? All sides are denying it, but I've heard he is very much available for the right price. If he is available, Montreal, Philly, Dallas and Calgary are the teams I'm hearing right now. How about Vinny to Toronto?

Speaking of Tampa, Chicago is really trying to land Brad Richards.

Forsberg not returning has the price of Sundin and Hossa going up. Anaheim leads Sundin, Detroit and Philly right behind, while you can't count out Calgary and Vancouver. Dallas leads the Hossa race, Detroit is very much in that as well. Montreal is also starting to creep back into it.

There was a rumour that the Rangers were close to aquiring Liles today. Talks will continue tomorrow...

Overall, I think we may see a deal by Wednesday. I'm hearing talks are very active at these GM meetings...

Team To Watch Tomorrow: Montreal and Colorado