Tuesday, February 12, 2008

JFJ Hired: We Must CHAT about this tonight

Hello friends, what a snowy tuesday it is here in Toronto...

First, JFJ has been hired...by TSN! He will be on the panel on trade deadline day, and what a watch that should be! What better way to spend trade deadline day by watching JFJ watch his team get dismantled by somebody else...should be exciting...the only other better way to spend Deadline Day is in the hockeyleaks chat room, which is back!

How about we chat tonight, 10:30 PM EST. Can't get in any sooner, I apologize, but I alway enjoy our late night chats.

Forsberg is down to Philly and Colorado as far as I know.

Toronto has serious interest in Matt Carle from San Jose. Rumours suggest the Sharks are trying really hard to pry Kaberle from the Blue and White. Rumours going around Toronto are suggesting that Fletcher honestly believes he can trade off several contracts, and still make the playoffs. This is always a fun time of year in Toronto.

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