Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Allison, Bondra, Leetch

Jason Allison is still out there, and can be very valuable on the powerplay. While Phoenix and Calgary are still looking at him as their backup plan (they'd rather have Gomez or Briere), teams such as Washington, LA, Atlanta and Chicago have looked into bringing the point-per-game center to their team. Allison will score somewhere between $1-2 million on a one year deal.

Peter Bondra is still expected back to Washington, but other teams are still in this as well. Atlanta is not likely to bring him back, but still could. Toronto and Detroit could also fall back on him should they lose out on Carter. Montreal is another option, but right now they are more interested in bringing in Dumont.

Brian Leetch is quite the interesting story. If healthy he can still lead a powerplay, and from what I've heard, he's not ready to hang them up yet. Boston will likely pass, while the Rangers don't seem to have as much interest as they once had. Both Colorado and Detroit apparently have some interest in the West, as does LA. In the East, I've heard Ottawa has made quite the push for the veteran in the past 48 hours.