Sunday, August 13, 2006

Where Is Malkin?

Canada? United States? Russia? At this point it is unclear, but it does look more likely that he will join Pittsburgh this year. If only Russia would just sign the transfer agreement, then all of this trouble could have been avoided. The fact that Malkin is just 20 years old, yet he has fled his country because his own country will not allow him to play in the NHL. This player is still very much a kid, and it's really sad that a country could be so harsh to force him to "disappear"

Anson Carter to Toronto rumours are heating up, while if Carter is signed it is being highly speculated that Antropov will be dealt to Chicago for a mid-round draft pick. The Leafs also have a slight interest in Dumont, but it is believed he will return to Buffalo on a multi-year deal. LA also has interest in Dumont.

With most teams happy between the pipes, a lot of goaltending problems will not get solved. Biron, Giguere and Nabokov/Toskala may all start the season with the club they are currently a part of. Columbus is one team to watch, as some are saying that they may no longer be as comfortable with Leclaire as they once were. Biron apparently would be the goalie they target.

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Speaking of Columbus, according to several sources there has been some progress in the Zherdev talks. I am hearing Columbus will not deal the promising winger, and if nothing can be reached they will simply try again next year.