Monday, August 21, 2006


The big question is "why is this taking so long?". With names such as Carter, Leetch, Dumont, Isbister, and Tanabe still out there, you have to wonder why these plyers are waiting so long. I can confirm all five players have offers, yet they are all waiting for better ones. The longer they wait, the shorter the term they will get, and the lower the offer.

I am still hearing the Sens are very hard after Leetch, but the Oilers and Blues are both very much in this as well.

Carter is still between Toronto and Detroit, with Detroit most likely. Toronto and Chicago's talks have stopped, meaning if Antropob is to be dealt, it will have to be elsewhere.

Dumont is still hoping to sign in Montreal, but the Habs don't seem like they will bring him without shedding some cap room, which has turned out to be harder than first thought. Dumont looks likely to head back to Buffalo.

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