Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy Wednesday

First I just want to say that's main page is back to being updated several times a day with the latest news, stories and rumours so make sure to check that out. The rest of the site (power rankings, fantasy, etc) should all be updated by the weekend.

As told you yesterday, the Sabres walked away from JP Dumont. He now may be the best UFA available, and has recieved several calls over the past 24 hours. Teams I've heard : San Jose, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Carolina, Colorado, Detroit and LA. Dumont will get anywhere from 1.5-2.5 million per year, and he'd like a two or three year deal. Dumont could also end up back in Buffalo, some say a three year deal worth 6.5 million.

Eric Desjardins will retire this week. He is currently a UFA.

Legace signed with the Blues yesterday. St. Louis was trying to work out a deal to get Biron and Dumont from Buffalo, but once Dumont was walked away from, the deal fell apart and St. Louis felt it was easier to sign Legace. Great signing for the Blues, I think they are so far winning the best offseason award. Legace got a one year deal for 1.4 million dollars, which is a steal.

Last year we had something called the Power Play Fantasy League. It was $5 and you picked six forwards and four defenseman. It was a lot of fun, and for our first fantasy game it went well. It is returning this year, and though the rules are not 100% at this point, we want to see who is interested. It will likely be $5 US once again this year. We also will have an officepools account so the points will be updated daily, which is a large improvement over last years. If you would be interested in winning some money and prizes, please email ryan.c. at I will mention more about this in the coming days/weeks, we're just looking to see how many people we have before we start finalizing the game.