Friday, August 04, 2006

Surprise : Comrie Avoids Arbitration

The one arbitration case I didn't think anyone getting around, has been solved. Mike Comrie avoided arbitration today, signing a one year deal with the Coyotes worth $3 million. The Coyotes, however, had to go to Arbitration with Nagy, and he should cost them quite a bit of money. Maybe it's me, but I think Nagy is the biggest player who went to arbitration. Bigger than Max(even though he avoided it), bigger than Gomez, and bigger than Briere. I'm a big Nagy fan, so maybe i'm biased, but Nagy should get at least $5 million...that being said I don't think he will. I'm going to guess he gets 4.

Sabres are going to keep both Danny and Max, which means Biron is just days away from being dealt. Miller needs a new deal first, but the Sabres are already spending more than they want to. They would really love to get a blueliner back for Biron, but they are having trouble finding one on a team that needs a goalie.

Vancouver is now shopping for a backup, but it will not be Biron or Legace, who both would not approve of playing behind Luongo. Boucher is one name I'm hearing, though Buffalo has interest in him too.

I'm exhausted, which means im off to a cottage for the weekend, I'll be back Sunday night. for the latest