Saturday, January 13, 2007

Buffalo, We Have A Problem

The mighty Buffalo Sabres, they've been on top of the Eastern Conference the entire year. This is their year in the East, many believe, and their best chance at a cup is now. But it's not all sunshine in Buffalo, in fact, things could get messy.

Martin Biron and Daniel Briere are both UFA's at the end of this year, and according to several sources, the Sabres would deal one or both at the deadline if they got something good in return. Both players are in for raises, and sources in Buffalo tell me that the team isn't confident that either will return. The question is, can the Sabres be cup contenders without Briere and Biron? I can't see the Sabres dealing either unless what they get in return keeps them cup contenders, but it's going to be a tough decision for Buffalo management, and they don't have a lot of time to make that decision.

Darcy Tucker continues to work at returning for Toronto, but when he does, how long will it be for? While the Leafs would love to sign him to a long term deal, what they could get in return for him in a trade would be beneficial long term, not to mention he could re-sign with Toronto in the summer even if he was dealt. If the Leafs were to not make the playoffs, and make the rumoured Tucker for Torres and a 1st deal, and then re-sign Tucker in the summer, the Leafs could have Tucker, and would have obtained Torres and 1st Round pick for free. Thats not bad at all, not to mention it gives Tucker a chance to go for a Stanley Cup.

This years trade deadline is going to be very interesting. There are a lot more high profile players available this year than anyone realises at this point. Stay Tuned.

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