Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Rory's No Star

Something that should make Hockeyleaks Columnist Mark Valeri Happy : Rory Fitzpatrick was not voted into the All-Star game. While it has not been officially confirmed, and won't be until later today, I have spoken with several sources and all have confirmed such a thing for me.

Speaking of Marc Valeri, he has a brand new article up on Hockeyleaks.com, as does our newest writer Mike Lindsay(aka forum member Allison), so make sure to check both of those out.

While many teams feel Forsberg will be too much of a risk to pick up on deadline day, I believe several teams will make offers for the veteran center. Teams I've heard as possibilities include Colorado, Calgary, Washington, Toronto and Chicago. The Flyers would like to get a solid young prospect or a high draft pick in return, but with Forsberg's questional health, a conditional draft pick may be more likely.

Rumour floating around the NHL is that the Ducks and Bruins could do a goalie swap, where Toivonen would go to Anahiem and Bryzgalov would end up in Boston. Each team would also swap several other prospects.

For more rumours make sure to check out Hockeyleaks.com. The Trade deadline is fast approaching, and we will once again feature the best deadline coverage on the internet. Last year we had almost a million hits on deadline day alone, and broke each and every trade as it happened. We featured a live chat all day long, and updated more often and frequently than any other website around. You can expect all of this and more with Hockeyleaks '07 Deadline Coverage, so make sure to be here on Feb. 27! I am already excited, it's always a lot of fun for me and the rest of the Hockeyleaks team.

Finally, I have been updating the main page and the rest of the site by myself for the past month and have found little time to do the Power Rankings. For this reason, I am looking for someone to join the Hockeyleaks' staff as our power rankings writer. If this is something you'd like to give a try, please email me at cjohnson202@hockeyleaks.com. The Power Rankings are a very important Hockeyleaks.com and I'd really like them to return on a weekly basis. We're always looking for more columnists as well, so please contact me if your interested.

Thanks, and have a great day. The OHL trade deadline is tomorrow, so expect a wrap-up of that from our OHL Specialist TJ Hurst in the next week or so! If something breaks in the NHL today, I'll let you know. Check Hockeyleaks.com for all the latest.