Saturday, January 20, 2007

Forsberg To New York or Canada?

The New York Rangers have contacted the Flyers to see what it would take to get Forsberg. The Flyers are looking at three players from the Flyers: Montoya, Prucha and Staal. Obviously all three would not be part of a deal, but two of them easily could.

The Sens and Habs also have a lot of interest in the big centre, while I believe the Habs would have more interest than the Sens. Atlanta, Toronto, Detroit and Colorado are all in this mix as well.

I am hearing more and more that Anson Carter ends up in Canada by deadline day. Vancouver, Toronto and now I'm hearing Edmonton are all very interested in him. All three of those teams also have interest in Fredrik Modin out of Tampa Bay, however, it's not likely Modin will get traded to one of Tampa's closest rivals in the standings, Toronto.

TJ Hurst has a brand new article up, previewing the CHL All-Star game. He takes a look at the rosters for the game, and gives his analysis on it. It's a good read, check it out.

Also drop by the forums and drop your opinion on todays Question Of The Day. Today we ask, "Who Was The Biggest All Star Snub?". You can pick one player, so make it a good one!

Some day games today have finished up.

Florida beat Washington 4-1, led by Gelinas' two goals.

Atlanta beat the Rangers 3-1, Steve Rucchin has two assists.

New Jersey battled back to beat the Flyers in a shootout. Elias had two assists, while Gionta had the game tying goal, as well as the shootout winner.

If your a Leaf fan, those games were a good thing, as a Toronto win puts them in 8th place by themselves, while a Tampa loss would put the Leafs in a tie for 7th, with a game in hand on the also-7th place Lightning. Leafs and Pens go tonight at 7, it should be a good one. Suggy has cleared waivers, and Tucker will not play tonight.

That being said, tonigh't game of the night is going to be St. Louis @ San Jose. Who would have thought St. Louis would be in a game of the night, however, they are red hot and a win tonight could put them as close to seven points behind Minnesota for a playoff spot, with a game in hand. That being said, the Sharks are still one of the best teams in the NHL, this game should be great.

I used to give a quick recap of all the previous nights games, would you guys like to see that brought back in the blog? I also want you to email me with suggestions for Question Of The Day. for all your feedback, I always write back!

Enjoy a hockey-filled Saturday everyone.