Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Montreal/Philly Rumour

First off, as reported by our friends at Hockeybuzz.com, Garth Murray has been put on waivers. I don't see anyone claiming him, but we'll have to wait and see.

I often get emails from readers who claim to know things. Some have been very accurate, while others are as far from it as possible. Just minutes ago I recieved an email from someone who claims to have overheard Guy Carboneau at a restaurant this morning. Apparently, according to this email, a deal will go down later today as follows: Aebisher, Rivet and Samsonov to the flyers for Esche, Pitkanen and a draft pick.

Is this a deal that could work? Maybe. But I must warn you, we are in deadline season, and the rumours are beginning. Some will be close, others wont be. This is what this time of year fun for all of us involved. Did this person really hear the head coach of the Habs discussing a soon to be announced deal? I guess we'll soon find out.

Power Rankings will be up shortly so make sure to check them out. Stay Tuned