Thursday, January 18, 2007

Martin Brodeur

Is there a better goalie in the history of the NHL? At this point in the season, Brodeur leads the league in the four main goaltending categories: Wins, Sv %, GAA, and Shutouts. I can't remember the last time a goalie had all four titles. This guy seems to get better with age, and is the sole reason the New Jersey Devils are still a dominant threat in the league. Without Brodeur, the Devils may not even be a playoff team, but with him, their a top team.

Sean Burke has been claimed off re-entry waivers by the LA Kings. When I saw Burke go on re-entry waivers yesterday I had a feeling LA would pick him up, but I was kind of hoping they wouldn't. Sean Burke is past his prime, and not what LA needs unless they are purposely going for the 1st overall pick in the 07 draft. It makes me wonder how long players such as Visnovsky will be around in LA, as he will want to win at some point, the Kings don't seem to be too motivated to do much of that at the moment.

Deadline Day must be getting closer, as we had 75 000 hits yesterday, which is always a good sign. Thank you for visiting hockeyleaks and inviting your friends along as well. As most of you know is a non-profit website, and we don't even get paid for the few ads we do have on the site at the moment, so don't think otherwise. The people that work here and write here do this all for free, and the best reward is to see hockeyleaks grow like it has. We started out as a blog, then slowly grew into a website. Now I can't go on many message forums that do not have a hockeyleaks related discussion on them! Keep telling your friends, we had 850 000 hits last deadline day, lets shoot for a million this year!

Check the rumour mill for all the latest rumours, it's been updated twice already today. Make sure to check out the rumour involving Shane Doan to Detroit, it's really spreading around the internet fast, and there is something going on there. Have a good one, more if something breaks, and remember you can always contact me at, I usually reply pretty quickly. Thanks