Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Chat Is Back!

I am happy to announce that the hockeyleaks Chat has returned again, just in time for deadline day 07'. At the moment we are using new software and I am eager to try it out and see if it's the one we will use for our deadline talks. Tonight I will be holding an open chat at 10:30 EST and I'd like you all there! We can discuss rumours, what might happen and what already has. It would also give us an idea of how many ppl our chat can hold, and how some features work. Please stop by at 10:30 EST tonight, it will be fun.

Some rumours for you:

The moves should start coming in fast in the next week or so. Teams like Toronto, New York, Edmonton, Carolina, Pittsburgh, Colorado, and Tampa are right on the bubble and need to win games now, not in March. The deadline is earlier this year than usual, but it's not early enough for these teams. Expect at least half of these teams to make a move before deadline week.

The Senators have interest in Aaron Miller, who is almost guarenteed to be leaving LA.

Derek Morris to Calgary is looking likely, Edmonton may have something to say about that though. The Oilers are also interested in Brad Stuart.

Islanders have asked the Rangers to put Kasparaitis on re-entry waivers, but the Rangers dont seem interested in eating up dead salary at this point.

The Rangers have serious interest in Tkachuck and Smolinski.

Chris Drury is not going to get dealt, but San Jose still has hope of landing the winger, and are expected to make quite a push for him. They have a lot of young defensivemen that could be used to lure him, I wouldnt count this out.

See you all in chat at 10:30, or else!