Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday Rumours

With the all-star break and lack of off-ice action, there hasn't been much reason for a blog, but here are some rumours I'm currently hearing.

LA Kings may actually have interest in taking Theodore from Colorado, maybe Rob Blake in return?

Boston is said to be working on something big and wants it done in the next week or so. They want to make changes before it's too late. One rumour involved getting Smith and Bergeron from Edmonton for Stuart and Sturm...but I don't see how that helps them now...I'd rather have Stuart and Sturm.

At this point I'd put Colorado in the lead for Forsberg, with Detroit in second and Montreal in third. This is going to be the most fun race to watch as Feb. 27 approaches. I expect Vancouver to really jump into this race as well, and really, how can Atlanta not have interest? A Kovalchuk-Forsberg-Hossa line would be the most disgusting league possibly in NHL history.

There are rumours that the Wild may shop Manny Fernandez. They have to be false, as they're currently a playoff team with Manny, and won't be one without him.

Montreal and NYR have looked into bringing in Nagy from Phoenix.

Thats all for now, I cannot wait for the deadline, it's going to be a wild one