Friday, January 05, 2007

I Pick Good Games!

Yesterday I told you to keep an eye on the Toronto vs Boston game, as well as the Edmonton vs. Dallas game. Well, what games they were. Steen had five points as the Leafs destroyed the Bruins 10-2, while the Stars took down the Oilers in the shootout, but what an ending to the third period of that game. For those of you who missed it, Patrik Steffan skated down the ice and had an empty net with ten seconds to go. He tried to just push the puck in, but fell. The Oilers picked up the puck, and passed it out of their zone with just six seconds left. The puck made it's way to Hemsky, and he scored as time expired. What a great game!

On that note, I will tell you to watch the Phoenix @ Atlanta game. The Coyotes have won four straight and have played very well over their last ten. Atlanta is always a challenge, and I look this game to provide us with a ton of offense.

Speaking of great games, I hope you all are watching the World Juniors final between Canada and Russia, with Canada leading 3-0 after the first period. You can watch the game live on TSN or, so make sure you do so!

Finally, I'll share one rumour with you that has been around for awhile, but continues to grow. The Leafs are open to the idea of trading Tucker, and believe if they can get younger and cheaper with a deal involving him, they will have made a good move. The latest version of the deal I'm hearing would send Tucker, Bell, Ponikarovsky and possible one more pick or prospect to Edmonton for Torres, a 1st or 2nd round pick, and a prospect, possibly Coglianao if that draft pick is a 2nd rounder. Toronto and Edmonton have had talks regarding this, as well as a brief discussion involving Kubina, though that didn't go far.

Check for more news and rumours. for any questions or comments.