Monday, January 29, 2007

I Told You He Would: Forsberg Waives His NTC

Forsberg has told the Flyers that if they want to trade him, they can. This coming after weeks of speculation. If you've been a regular reader of this blog and The Rumour Mill located on you will know that Detroit, Colorado, Vancouver, Atlanta, Montreal, Ottawa, Anaheim, Vancouver, Nashville, San Jose and Calgary are all teams that have been in the mix thus far, and I'm hearing up to twelve teams have interest at this time. It's too early to guess who wins, but I expect Forsberg will be dealt at least a week, maybe more, before the trade deadline. This one will be fun.

Some Leafs news today, as it has been confirmed that both Edmonton and Calgary have interest in Toronto's Darcy Tucker. We've all heard the Torres and a 1st for Tucker rumour, I wonder what Calgary can offer to beat that? Dallas and San Jose also have interest in the gritty scoring winger.

Mats Sundin is also in the news today, as apparently the Anaheim Ducks have a lot of interest in Sundin, and is their main target this deadline. With the goalies, prospects and players the Ducks have to offer, you have to wonder how the Leafs dont make this deal with Anaheim.

Tampa Bay is looking to bring back Jason Cullimore from the Islanders.

The Oilers have interest in Brad Stuart and are looking at giving back a package including Torres and Greene. Looks like Torres will be on the move this deadline...

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