Thursday, January 04, 2007

Kansas City Penguins?

Officials in Kansas City have made quite a pitch to the Penguins. The Penguins could play at Kansas City's Sprint Center rent free, while also becoming equal managing partners of the arena. While the Penguins will decide within the next thirty days if they are to move from Pittsburgh or stay, if they move, Kansas City seems to be the likely destination of the promising young franchise.

I have gotten several emails from readers who feel that I want to the Penguins to move, and I want to say that is not true. Pittsburgh has great fans, and I believe the Penguins should do whatever they can to keep a team in Pittsburgh. If you want my honest opinion, I'm a fan of the NHL's re-allignment, while adding two teams (one canadian, one american) to each conference. Seattle, Kansas City, Winnepeg, QC, Hamilton and Portland are all places that could support an NHL team, and I am actually a fan of expansion. I don't think any of the 30 teams should move, as that is unfair to the growing fan-base in each market.

Mike Ricci has left the Coyotes to ponder retirement. I find it upsetting that Ricci is just one game shy of 1,100, yet has been a healthy scratch for the past seven games. Give him game 1,100, it's only fair to a player who has been a big part of the NHL over the past ten years.

Canada vs. Russia goes tomorrow at 12:30 EST. Should be a great game, I can't wait to watch it. While I am worried that Russia may be able to overtake the Canadians, I'm going to predict a 4-2 Canada win.

A lot of good games in the NHL tonight. Toronto vs. Boston should be great, as Monday's contest between the two featured a lot of scrappy play, I expect that to carry over. Detroit vs. San Jose should be another great battle.

That being said, the game of tonight is Dallas @ Edmonton. I remember the great playoff matches of a few years ago. Curtis Joseph standing on his head, Mike Modano scoring classic goals. What a great rivalry this has been. Playoffs create rivalries, not division play. for all your needs. I'm still looking for more writers, so talk to me, we'll set something up.