Monday, January 15, 2007

Forsberg, Sundin and The Minnesota Wild

I hope everyone had a great weekend, nothing too exciting on my end. The highlight of my weekend was probably winning $100 on a tetris scratch ticket, if you live in Ontario, go out and buy one right now! It's not my fault if you lose though....but I want 50% of whatever you win.....lets get to some rumours.

Forsberg back to Denver just makes sense. Colorado is right in the thick of the playoff hunt, while Forsberg has played well since his return. Forsberg is a UFA at the end of this season, and obviously cannot be happy with playing on a last place NHL team. Colorado has a lot of young talent they could deal to obtain Forsberg, and Forsberg would only make Colorado a stronger team heading into the playoffs. That being said, if Colorado doesn't make a deal for another top four defenseman, they could be in trouble either way.

Mats Sundin, likely to stay in Toronto, but if he does end up waiving that no trade clause, I am hearing as many as nine teams are interested. While many teams in the playoff hunt may find it hard to absorb his cap hit. Sundin's situation could be much like Tuckers. In fact, if I'm Toronto, I deal both Sundin and Tucker, get a top prospect and a first round draft pick for each of them, and then sign them both back in the offseason. If Sundin and Tucker are both serious about Toronto and winning here, this is the best thing they could possibly do for the team.

The Minnesota Wild have put Pascal Dupuis on the trading block, in a move likely to free up some cap space as we head towards the trading deadline. Teams like Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, Minnesota, Chicago, Phoenix, Washington, Boston, Pittsburgh, etc who are right around that 8th place in their conference will start making room for the deadline, as whoever makes the best push at the deadline will likely be the one who gets in.

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