Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Arbitration Awaits

Roberto Luongo will have his arbitration hearing today. There was a deadline of 5pm yesterday for Luongo to accept an offer that was a multi-year, and very generous according to the Panthers. The deadline passed, so now Luongo is off to arbitration. If things don't go Florida's way, Luongo could land somewhere else.

Milan Kraft and Alexei Morozov are not going to be resigned by Pittsburgh, and will be traded. Morozov scored 50 points in 75 games last season, and I don't understand why they no longer want him. They cant be asking much, and Morozov would be great for any team that could get him. Kraft, who had 40 points in 66 games would also be good for the team that could get him. Not sure why Pittsburgh is getting rid of them, especially with Malkin not likely to come to the NHL this season.

Phoenix is still looking for another defenseman, and Brendan Witt may be the one they are after. Matt Cooke may be traded, depending on how Ohlund does in salary arbitration. Czerkawski could soon become a ranger.

The second fantasy league is almost full, so if you want in, do so soon! Remember to email me at Also, I really want to know if you guys would like a chat room. I have had talks with someone about one, and I am still undecided if we really need one and would use one. All for now, more later