Monday, August 15, 2005

Nightly News

So John Leclair was suppose to sign with Boston or Toronto, and instead joins Pittsburgh. I don't like this move only because Pittsburgh already had the fire power they needed. This team has no defense. Gonchar and Jackman are all offense and no defense, and I don't think Leclair was the right choice here. If I were Pittsburgh I would have made a trade for a defenseman or signed one of the ones still available like Westley, Marchment, Yuskevich or Brown.

Rumour is going around that would send Datsyuk and Legace to Washington in exchange for a group of players, one of them being Kolzig. This deal doesnt make sense to me, as Kolzig is making 5 million a year. There are other goalies available that are as good as Kolzig for a lot less. I would not be surprised if this deal happened, but I highly doubt it will. I really expect Steve Thomas to sign with the Maple Leafs. Stumpy scored 10 goals in about 40 games last year, which would put him at 20 goals for a full season. Thats not bad at all, and he would sign for around league minimum. The Leafs still have money to spend.

Scott Stevens apparently is healthy enough to play, but he is not too sure where he will play. New Jersey has left a spot for him, but some feel he may go elsewhere. Avs fans are very unhappy with their management after the Brad May signing. Brad May is currently being sued by Steve Moore for conspiracy. Toronto radio programs mentioned that the Leafs are close to making a trade, and it could be announced at any time.

New Power Rankings Are Up! Calgary sits at #1, while Buffalo is at #30 for the second straight time. Check them out, and see you all tomorrow!