Sunday, August 28, 2005

Today Nothing, Tomorrow Is Another Story

Well not much happened this weekend. A slow weekend during this offseason? Nothing new there. I don't even have any really good new rumours or updates to pass along tonight.

Sportstalk in Vancouver continues to speak about a deal between Florida and Vancouver. Florida would recieve Jovo, Cooke, Cloutier and a 1st round pick. Vancouver would Luongo and Bouwmeister. I don't believe this rumour, but I felt I should post it anyways, because in this new NHL, you never know.

Tomorrow could be busy. The Edmonton/New Jersey and Montreal/Tampa Bay trade rumours had them being announced tomorrow, so that could be interesting. We will finally know the truth about Brad Richards, and I have a feeling he'll be staying in Tampa. The Toronto/Detroit trade continues to be interesting, and maybe it will be announced as well. Tomorrow will be interesting, stay tuned...