Sunday, August 28, 2005

Things About To Heat Up...

First, I am downgrading both the Detroit/Toronto rumours and the Montreal/Tampa Bay rumours. I havn't heard anything about the Detroit/Toronto one at all since Friday, and I havn't heard anything positive about the Montreal/Tampa Bay rumour since early yesterday. I'm not saying both won't be announced on Monday, I'm just saying I don't know how credible either rumour is, but I am looking into it. Update : While writing this blog, I came across a swedish article that states Zetterberg is likely to come to Toronto.,2789,681819,00.html for thos who know swedish.

The Thrashers are shopping for another goalie. The likely choices would be unsigned UFA goalies like Potvin, Irbe or Shields. They could go the trade route as well, as Buffalo and Columbus all have three goalies and wouldn't mind trading one, but may be asking more from Atlanta than they want to give. The Pens have until Monday to decide if they want to keep Tarnstrom or not. Apparently the Pens are leaning towards letting him walk, or dealing him elsewhere.

According to Steve Simmons, a Toronto sports writer, Toronto offered Antropov for Witt, but Washington wants more. If the Detroit deal goes through, Toronto would stop going for Witt, as the Leafs at this point would prefer Kronvall. Florida is apparently interested in Kozlov, joining Edmonton as teams that are looking to land the centre. Thank you to Will Beckemeyer, who emailed me last night confirming that Al MacInnis will meet with the Blues on Monday to determine if he will return. We should hear an official announcement this week.

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