Thursday, August 18, 2005

No News Isn't Good News

I really don't have much to say, but because I'm dedicated, I will post an update. Check out the Hockey Opinions forums, three new articles up written by yours truely. Not really articles, but a look at each teams gains, losses and overall performance over the last three-four weeks.

Two goalies found homes today. J.S Aubin signed with the Leafs. He will challenge Tellqvist as Ed Belfour's backup. Dan Cloutier re-signed in Vancouver for two more seasons. Lets get to some rumours! Wait, do I even have any?

Scott Stevens has been cleared to play hockey again, but it is unknown whether he will or not. Toronto is apparently the front-runners for Witt, while Vancouver and Montreal are also interested. Washington apparently has interest in Aki Berg, what a great thing that would be. Low-end prospect or a high draft pick would also be included in this deal. Rumours of Redden leaving Ottawa appear to be false. Both sides have denied it, but you never know in the NHL.

The Islanders have signed defenseman Joel Bouchard. Scott Lachance rumoured to be going to
Vancouver. Dafoe could sign with LA....see you all in the morning