Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Trade Magic

While I was at my "other job" tonight, I made a list of players on the trading block. The players that I will mention later on are not definatly going to be traded, and I'm sure 95% of them won't, but these are players that could easily be moved if the right offer came along. Before I get to the players on the trading block, I want to show two trade rumours I've been emailed. These are rumours and should be taken with less than a grain of salt. However, the first one did pop up on the score television station's ticker, but has since been pulled. It is identical to the three way deal involving Toronto,Washington and Detroit, except Detroit would now recieve a third round pick instead of a first. I said the original rumour was fake because of the 1st round pick, but a third round pick makes it a little more believable. Detroit still can't afford Kolzig's contract, so I still don't believe it. The second trade came from a reader, who wanted to know if there was any truth to it. I will definatly look into it. Here is how the trade looked.

Vancouver: Luke Richardson, Marc Denis, Nikolai Antropov
Columbus: Dan Cloutier, Ed Jovanovski
Toronto: Matt Cooke, 2nd round pick from Columbus

I want to know how Toronto would get Matt Cooke AND a 2nd round pick just for giving up Antropov the Pylon. But Oh well, it's a rumour, so don't take it too seriously at this point. In real news, Hal Gill has re-signed in Boston. He still makes my trade rumour list though. I want to also introcude TMcCoy, our newest hockey writer. Lots more to announce over the next few days. Now, onto my trade talk...

The free agent frenzy is dying, there is not much left. There are however dozen and dozens of players available for trade, and some damn good ones. Teams looking for forwards have lots to choose from. Kovalchuk is the biggest name on my list, but he's not the only one. Friesen, Tanguay, Kozlov, Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Antropov, Guerin, Richards, Malone, Sykora, Nagy, Drury, Smolinski, Huselius, Smyth, Cooke, Ryder, Langdenbruner, Parrish, Morozov, Handzus and Gagne could all be moved if the right deal was offered. Defensive help? No problem. White, Klee, Witt, Kaberle, Kronvall, Tarnstrom, Bouwmeister, Boughner, Liles, Richardson, McKee, Gill, Kubina, Jovanovski, and Miller are all available if you're willing to sacrifice a draft pick or prospect or two. What about goalies? Teams like Detroit and Colorado are begging for a #1. Kolzig, Belfour, Luongo, Theodore, Aebeshier, Denis, Biron and Cloutier could all be bought for a decent return. Those are some huge names, and I guarentee atleast 3-5 of those names will dealt, maybe more. The free agent frenzy was fun, but the trade frenzy could be better.

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