Saturday, August 13, 2005

Busy Busy...

Hello, sorry for not updating as much, been very busy over the past two days. First off, I have taken back control of For now the plan is to write a re-direct code for that site, that will either automatically transfer this site to the old one, or the old one to this one. I'm not sure which one I'll use, so for now please continue to view this one. The redirect will likely occur tomorrow, nothing will be done today on that front.

Lets talk about some signings. Roman Hamrlik has signed with the Flames. Two years, 3.5 million a season. Though not officially announced, it should be confirmed today. Chris Gratton has signed with the Panthers. It's a one year deal worth 900,000. According the NHLPA website, Viktor Kozlov has signed with New Jersey. I thought he retired, but apparently not. Jiri Slegr has signed a one year deal with Boston.

Brenden Witt and Wade Redden are the two biggest defenseman on the trade market at this point. Toni Lydman is also up for grabs. Steve Thomas could return to the Leafs, as they are in need of a Left Winger to play with Sundin.

Thats all for now, expect an update later tonight. Have a good one everyone