Wednesday, August 24, 2005

St.Louis Remains A Bolt

According To Eklund, Martin St.Louis has signed a new deal. It is 6 years at 5.2 a season. Seems a little long to me, but it makes sense. Lightning will probably announce this in the next twenty four hours. UPDATE : speak of the devil, the tampa bay lighting's official website has made this deal official.

Todd Gill may be dealt from Boston before the start of training camp. Buffalo still has interest in Ken Klee.

Roberto Luongo turned down a 5 year / 25 million dollar offer today. This is more than he'll likely get from arbitration. Apparently Luongo wants out of Florida, and he wants out now. He is likely seeking a two year deal from anyone, as he would become a UFA at the end of the deal. Lots of teams will have interest in the goalie. We've heard the Luongo/Theodore rumours for a while now, now is the time to see if there is any truth to them.

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