Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What A Day!

Before I go back to the Heatley/Hossa deal, I have some news first. Anahiem continued to shed some cap space today, as they have traded Steve Rucchin to the New York Rangers for Trevor Gillies and a conditional pick in the 2007 draft. Good move for the Rangers, as they really need some talent on this team. The ducks will definatly miss Rucchin and Leclerc, but gaining Selanne and Niedermayer still make this team better. Phoenix will really like Leclerc. I think he could have a breakout season with the Yotes'.

Scott Stevens and Mark Messier apparently are both leaning towards retirement. I'd be surprised if either did, but apparently both are heavily considering it. It would definatly be the end of two hall of fame careers. Some may disagree with Stevens, but without him, you have to wonder if the Devils would have won their cups. Some sources are saying that Bondra is very close to signing a two year deal with Washington. I am hearing it will be around 2 million per season. Philly is still in the hunt. Atlanta not so much now, as of coarse they just got Hossa, who was quite expensive. I heard a Belfour to Atlanta trade today, with Toronto getting prospects in return. I dont see Belfour being traded, simply because the Leafs no longer need more money to grab UFAs, simply because there is none left. Another Toronto rumour has Langenbrunner coming in exchange for Antropov and a pick. This deal would actually make sense, as the Leafs need wingers, and he only makes 1.6 million. Not sure if New Jersey would make a trade with Toronto, but Jersey is in cap hell right now.

Ok, now for my opinion, and for those who are fans of Ottawa, you may want to turn away. All offseason I've been saying how good of a team Ottawa has, but at this moment, I'm actually convinced they will struggle. First, they lost Lalime to an injury prone Hasek. If Hasek can return to the goalie he was when Detroit won the cup, then great, but since Hasek came back he's either struggled or gotten hurt. If Hasek goes down, the Sens are left with prospect Ray Emery, who has yet to set foot in the NHL. Since the NHL was last played, they've also lost De Vries, Hossa, Bondra and White. They've only got Heatley. Heatley has struggled since he came back, and even TSN says if Ottawa thinks they are getting the Heatley that was MVP of the all-star game a few years ago, they're crazy. Heatley is still one of the best players in the league, but is he better than Hossa? Atlanta is the clear winner of this trade, getting an experienced forward who is consistant, as well as the defensive help this team has always needed.

Well theres my rant, which will end tonights Blog. Nothing else to report, so I'll see you all tomorrow