Thursday, August 25, 2005

Lots Of News! Some Very Interesting Rumours!

Good Morning everyone! May I be the first to introduce you to Yes, right now it is the same blog you've been visiting for the last month or so, but now we have a new address. The old address still works, so there is no need to edit your favorites, not yet anyways. A new site will hopefully be up sometime in early-mid September. I want to say thank you all of you that emailed and offered help and ideas last night. I haven't checked my mail this morning, but late last night I received several emails, including offers to host the server for free. But enough of the new site, we need some hockey news, and I have some very interesting news and rumours for you.

Apparently Roberto Luongo has lost his arbitration case. 1 year for 3.2 million. Roberto Luongo is now on the trade market, and it is very possible he will be traded.

The following rumours were put out by Eklund today. Ryan Smyth and a pick to Detroit for Zetterberg. Aaron Miller could go to Buffalo for Biron. Tony Lydman could go to LA as well, no word on who would go to Calgary. Also, New Jersey could be involved in a three way deal between Vancouver and Florida, but Ek did not mention any names involved. Bouwmeister would be my guess, maybe John Madden as well. Two last Ek rumours : Ducks have offered Damphousse a one year deal, and the most shocking rumour to come to me today so far : 40% chance of Patrick Roy returning to Montreal. Then where would Theodore go? NOTE : Ek has since said Roy has denied this rumour. Ek has also since said that Damphousse rejected the offer, so Ek is doing a lot of backtracking today. Remember, these are all Ek's rumours and not mine, so take them for what you will.

Back to some other rumours. Al MacInnis will apparently meet with the Blues next week to decide if he will return to the NHL. Apparently the Blues are the only team he wants to play for. Ryan Malone's days in Pittsburgh could be over, this coming a day after I said Kraft and Morozov are likely leaving. Sure Pittsburgh got a lot this offseason, but thats a lot to lose in those three players.

Finally, Trade Rumour Joke of the day. This rumour is so wacky it would never happen. The Leafs would send Sundin and a 1st rounder to Florida for Luongo and Bouwmeister. Then, Toronto would trade Belfour and a pick to Tampa for Richards. Then, Toronto would trade Ken Klee to Buffalo for one of their goalies. This comes to us from a Kitchener radio station. This will never, ever happen, but hey, did anyone predict Kariya going to Nashville or Pronger going to Edmonton? This Leaf dream will never happen, sorry Leaf fans