Sunday, August 21, 2005

Slow Slow Day

Nothing really in the form of signings or rumours all day. I heard that Toronto and Washington have moved closer in discussions involving Witt, and it could be done sometime this week. I have also heard that Washington is not interested in any of the offers they've recieved from any team. I would seriously put the chances of Witt coming to Toronto at 30%. I know a few sites have that percent higher (one even putting it at 99%), but I don't think it's as close as some people feel it is. I do believe the Leafs will sign Steve Thomas, and are looking to aquire a left winger via trade, but I don't think it will be Tanguay, Drury or Nagy. One of them would be great, I just don't see their teams trading them.

Selanne is apparently in exclusive discussions with Montreal, according to Mojo Radio. I also want to comment on that St.Louis trade I posted this morning. The full deal was said to be Lydman, Phaneuf, Yelle and 1st round draft pick. I got quite a lot of slack for posting it. I post what I hear, for entertainment. If you don't like the rumours I post, don't read the blog. Guys like Cup Crazy and InSutterWeTrust take these rumours like they should be taken. They don't freak out and bash the blog, they simply comment on the likelyhood of the trade. I set this blog up for fun, I make no money on it, and I spend lots of time updating and improving it. I thank you all who come here daily, we get thousands of hits per day. I'm really happy with the site, and always looking to improve it. I'd like everyone's thoughts on the site, and if you have any comments or suggestions please email me with them. I'm thinking of putting a chat room in, and would love your input on that.

Three new links on our side bar. There is one for our fantasy hockey league, which is now full. If you are interested in joining the second one, and did not sign up for the first one, please email me at You will get first access to the second league, whenever it is set up. The other two links will take you to the power rankings and hockey opinions forums. See you all tomorrow