Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Things About To Explode?

With a few 1st liners still on the UFA market, and tens of players who are 2nd-4th liners still available, there will be more signings. Bondra is the best of the best left, and he is expected to go to Washington. Apparently Washington has offered him a one year deal worth 1.5 million, and if that isn't matched by Friday, he'll return to the Capitals. I'm sure teams like Philly, New Jersey, and Toronto (Atlanta is now out of the race as they are running out of cap room pretty quickly) could match that offer, and even add another year onto it, but at this point it is believed Bondra's preference is to return to Washington.

Training camp is about two weeks away, and you have to figure most teams would like to have their rosters set by then. This means in two weeks, 10-15 more UFA's have to sign, and 3-5 trades have to be made. This means we should be in for a very exciting couple of weeks.

Karel Pilar is expected to miss 2-3 months with a heart condition. This condition forced him to miss quite a bit of time a few years ago. This leaves Carlo Coliacavo with the 6th spot on the Leaf's defense depth chart, which is great news for Leaf fans, this kid needs to play.

Lots of new articles are up in the Hockey Opinions section, so check them out. Also, for those who read Eklund's blog, he contacted me this morning and said that he really enjoyed this blog, and that he can't wait for our new site. Don't be surprised if you see myself and Ek working on something together soon ;). Have a good day everyone, I'll be in Toronto for most of the day, but Ryan and Yick will be around if anything happens.