Monday, August 29, 2005

Nothing This Morning

Well what could be a very busy day, has been slow. No trade announcements yet, which makes me wonder if any will happen. The Shadow has this to say about the Zetterberg trade when I talked to him earlier: "I talked to Ken Holland and he said he wouldn't trade Zetterberg. Would a GM lie?". Well we all know that GM's always are lying, but you never know. If the Edmonton/New Jersey trade was true, I would think we'd hear about it in the next hour or so. NJ is still in the Bondra hunt, but i don't expect them to win. Philly and Washingt0n are the two front-runners, and I believe Washington will win.

The Rangers have signed Michal Rozsival. No terms of the deal are out yet. Brad Brown has had talks with the Toronto Maple Leafs. I recieved an email from a reader this morning that said he talked to Steve Thomas at the CNE yesterday, and Thomas told him he has had talks with Toronto and he felt things were close. Toronto is in need of atleast one LW, maybe two.

That is all for now. I am currently not at home, and havn't been for the last 24 hours, so I am away from some of my sources. I will post a blog later, hopefully with a few more rumours and a few news stories to pass along. I also want to wish everyone living in New Orleans and Mississippi, and everyone else dealing with the Hurricane the best of luck.