Saturday, August 27, 2005

We're Famous!

Well, not really, but for the first time I saw our name mentioned at They are using us as the source for that Toronto/Detroit rumour I posted last night. Adding to that rumour, I am also hearing Toronto would recieve a 3rd round pick in the deal as well, but I cannot guarentee that, right now that is just hearsay. I did email one of my insiders asking if he knew anything more on this deal, but no response yet. You can read what had to say here :

Pittsburgh has officially lost Milan Kraft, but not to another NHL team. He will play in europe this season. The Pens are still said to be shopping for a second line centre. Damphousse's name continues to be linked to the Pens. The Oilers are shopping Smyth, but not too much. They would prefer to keep him. Messier is still linked to Edmonton. One newspaper today speculated that Viktor Kozlov could be traded from New Jersey to Edmonton. With Philly after Bondra, Handzus to Edmonton talks could heat up again.

Eklund gives a 60% chance or so that Jeff Friesen will be dealt to Calgary. Calgary amazes me, which is why they are still #1 on the power rankings. Vancouver still the apparent front runner for Luongo, but I wouldn't count Colorado out. Maybe a deal like Tanguay and Aebisher for Bouwmeister and Luongo? Thats pure guessing, but Colorado does have the goods to trade, maybe even a Liles or Boughner added into that deal. Colorado does have a cap problem, and that type of move could free up a little room.

The weekends have been very slow in regards to NHL movement this offseason, and I don't expect that to change...but with only two weeks until training camp, and a lot of work to do by a lot of teams, maybe things will pick up. They have to eventually, I'd estimate at least 8-10 trades will have to be made before camp starts. Speaking of camp, I heard a rumour that Steve Thomas will be invited to the Leaf's camp and given a chance to make the team.

Thats all for now, I will be gone till later this afternoon, hopefully with some more on that Leafs/Wings deal. Fantasy League #2 is now full. A third one may be added that would have different rules, and would be open to everyone. If you are interested in writing for the new website, please send me an email at Feel free to send any rumours you here as well, and I'll give you credit on the blog. A source is always nice as well. Finally, remember to check out our hockey auctions. 100% of money made off all hockey related products will go to the development of the new website! Have a good day everyone.