Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Correct, Burke signed with Tampa, not Pittsburgh. No idea what happened there. Sportsnet along with several blogs and several of my sources were all saying Burke was a Pen, but apparently T-Bay made a better offer in the final minutes, and lured Burke to Florida State. Another goaltending move today : Phillipe Sauve was traded from Colorado to Calgary today. With Burke in Tampa I no longer believe Belfour will be dealt. Still lots of teams with a need for goaltending, but Tampa was the only team with the cap room and need for a goalie like Belfour. I expect Joseph to sign with Pittsburgh in the next 48 hours.Anson Carter and the Toronto Maple Leafs are in serious talks. Carter wants to play with former Boston teammate Jason Allison and JFJ is very interested. Brad Lukowich is close to joining Vancouver. Brenden Witt's name has been thrown around a lot today. Toronto and Calgary are two new teams that have shown interest in the defenseman. Washington apparently is very interested in McCabe. Tampa Bay has signed Rob Dimaio to a two year deal worth 500,000 a season. As first reported by Hockey Leaks, Alexander Khavanov has officially signed a deal with Toronto. It's a one year deal worth 1.25 million. This likely means one of the Leafs defenseman will be I dare pray for Berg? Last leafs thing for today I promise : Lindros has agreed to a deal in principle, still not announced, apparently Columbus has made one last charge, and Lindros is considering it. I'd say 92% that the Big E joins the Leafs by Friday. The Cable Deal with Comcast is done according to several sources. 2 years for $100 million dollars. NHL games will likely be shown on OLN, which is great for Canadians, because not only can we watch hockey on CBC, TSN and Sportsnet, we also get OLN and will be able to watch several US games a week. I'm hoping they cover some of the Leafs games that are shown only on Leafs TV. ESPN could still match this offer, and I would not be surprised if they didThat Luongo for Theodore and Ryder rumour is garbage and will never go anywhere. As earlier reported by our Phoenix Specialist Rick James Dealer, Chris McAllister has signed with the Coyotes. Sportsnet hasn't listed Khavanov or McAllister, they're slow today, especially with messing up the Burke To Tampa thing. There is nothing else for now, I'm gone again tomorrow until around four, but I will be testing tonight and see if I can send out email updates from my phone to those who have signed up for the Email service. If you'd like to sign up for it, scroll down to the bottom of this blog and enter your email adress in the google group box. Check the forums all the breaking news! Tomorrow should be busy.