Saturday, August 20, 2005

Some Rumours For You

Hello to everyone. No signings to report, but I do have a few rumours for you. Bob Boughner is apparently on the trading block now that Colorado has eight defenseman that could start. They are also in cap trouble, so Boughner would be a likely candidate to move. The Brendan Witt to Toronto now apparently includes Pilar and Berg for Witt. I don't really see this deal happening, but according to a few sources it is moving towards the final stages.

Rumour also came out this morning that Martin St.Louis could be traded to Calgary for a package including Lydman and Phaneuf. This would make sense as Tampa really needs defense, but I really don't believe this rumour. Tommy Albelin is apparently ready to play in the NHL this season. He retired last summer, but now wants to return. He will speak with the Devils next week, but I don't see them taking him back. They are already over the cap, and still want Stevens if he can return. Peter Bondra could become a Thrasher by Monday. Philly and Washington are still very much in the Bondra hunt as well. With no takers on Felix "the cat" Potvin, he is in negotiations to play in Russia next season. For those wondering, teams have until October 1st to get under the salary cap.

Some hockey sites are reporting that Samsonov is on the trading block. Don't count on him being dealt though, as Boston is really excited to see what he can bring with the new rules. If they can't sign him long term by the trade deadline, then he may be moved, but not if the Bruins are in contention. There are still 5 spots available in our first fantasy league. Check the Off-Topic forum for details. Thats all for now, I'll update if anything happens!